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Commercial Aerospace

Achieve the full capabilities of sophisticated avionics with high-speed connectivity to enable excellent monitoring and control of flight systems. We offer advanced fiber optic, high speed copper systems, and the next-generation of industry-standard connectors and cables.

Aircraft Electrical Interconnection Harnesses
Save significant space and weight savings with our thin-wall cables, composite connectors, and optical interconnects—all offering advanced performance based on our expertise in materials science to create highly reliable next generation products.

Sub Assemblies and Design
Save money, enhance performance, and increase manufacturability by working with TE to create custom subassemblies designed to meet your specific application needs.


Our Products for Harness in Washers and Dryers,Refrigeration,Air Conditioning,Dishwashers,Cooking,latest hot water heaters,Microwave Ovens,Small Appliances.

Automation & Control

Our Products for Wire & Cable inIndustrial Controls , Human Machine Interface , Industrial Communications , Power Distribution .


Custom Cable Assemblies & Wire & Cable Products we offers for Body & Chassis , Driver Information , Convenience , Infotainment Solutions , Powertrain , Safety & Security



We offer Ultrasound Assembly for Imaging , Diagnostic Assembly for Diagnostic , Reusable Surgical Cable Assembly and Single-use Surgical Cable Assembly for Surgical , High Energy Assembly for Therapeutic , Catheter Assembly for Interventional.


Customized Cable & Cable Assemblies , Wire & Cable we offer for Low Voltage , Data & Infotainment , Signaling & Rail Control Applications .

Test and Measurement

Customized Cable & Cable Assemblies , Wire & Cable we offer for Automated Test Equipment , Benchtop Testing , Boundary Scan , PC-Based Testing .

Data Center

Copper Cable Assemblies we offer for Servers , Network Switches , Storage , Cable Management .


We offer Screw Down Jumper Assembly for Emergency Lighting , Indoor Lighting , Architectural Lighting , Channel/Sign Lighting , Commercial Refrigeration , Office Lighting .

Offshore Oil & Gas and Civil Marine

Marine Cables we offer for Control Systems , Platform and Shipboard Infrastructures , and we offer Rochester Electro-Optical Cables for Subsea/ROV/Umbilicals/Tethers/Sonar and Armored Product Cables .


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