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Connectors & Connector Components
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Connectors & Connector Components

fineconn accept OEM/ODM design, welcome any customized Connectors & Connector Components , We are glad to make samples according to your drawings or specifications.Our Connectors & Connector Components are Used in the most of home applicances,computer,PCB,LCD,TV.

1. Cable/Wire Applied Interconnects
Designed to enable electrical connections in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications. Many product styles are represented including Discrete Wire, FFC/FPC, Ribbon Cable, SATA and SAS interconnects.

2. Input/Output
Our innovative interconnect solutions range from high-speed, high-density pluggable connectors to consumer I/O and legacy D subminiature and modular jack connectors.

3. Board-to-Board Connectors
High performance right angle, co-planar, and mezzanine interconnect solutions for mating printed circuit boards together. Product selection includes backplane, midplane, card edge, and tab type connectors.

4. Power Products
Durable consumer and industrial power interconnect solutions. This selection of products includes wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, board-to-board, card edge, battery, and bus bar power connectors.

5. RF & Coax
Our RF connectivity products provide solutions with applications in wireless infrastructure, automotive, broadband, test & instrumentation, and military/aerospace/defense markets.

6. Socket/Card Products
Connectors for main memory modules, removable memory cards and microprocessors designed to meet many different industry standards.

7. Terminal Blocks & Strips
Our four Terminal Block product families, Euro style terminal blocks, Barrier Strips, NEMA blocks, and Europa terminal blocks, are designed to help you meet your field wiring needs.

8. Terminals & Splices
Electrically conductive products designed to be attached to circuit boards or crimped to wires for convenient electrical connections to other wires or devices.

9. Connector Picture Search
Select product by picture or printed circuit board placement, then refine your search.

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